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St. Mary's River,  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

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North Channel Race Week (Hilton Beach to Little Current) .
Sponsored by the Algoma Sailing Club.

NCRW News Media Stories:

Sault Star 2016: Sault Yachts Race

SaultOnline 2106: Let the Races begin!

2016: 5 days & 5 stages through the North Channel
2014: This five day race kicks off
2014: A fantastic week of sailing

Race entries can be for selective legs or all legs.
Leg 1: Hilton Beach on St Joseph Island to Thessalon.
Leg 2: Thessalon to Blind River BRYC.
Leg 3: Blind River to Spragge NCYC.
Leg 4: Spragge to Gore Bay on Manitoulin Island.
Leg 5: Gore Bay to Little Current LCYC on Manitoulin Island.

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Race Trophy Sponsors:

CIBC Wood Gundry,
Intrinsic Financial Group,
Lock City Dairies.

NCRW Trophy &
Algoma Sailing Club
Members placements.

In 2014, a new partnership between three sailing clubs have created a new sailing event called the North Channel Race Week that includes 5 days of sailing and racing. The North Channel Race Week covers the area from the east side of St Joseph Island, along the north shore, and the westerly north side of Manitoulin Island. The race course was also designed to include the sailing clubs as ports of call. The Hosting website for all the information and race data can be found here at NCRW at LCYC,

The partnership includes the sailing clubs of;

Algoma Sailing Club
of Sault Ste Marie,
Hilton Beach Yacht Club
of Hilton Beach, Ontario
on St Joseph Island.

(unofficially, combined with
associate members of
Algoma Sailing Club.)

Blind River Yacht Club
of Blind River, Ontario.

North Channel Yacht Club
of Spragg, Ontario.

Little Current Yacht Club,
of Little Current, Ontario,
Manitoulin Island.

To make it more practical and time saving the starting line is at Hilton Beach rather than at the Algoma Sailing Club. The North Channel Race Week event has been created to fill in the loss of the cancellation of the L.C.Y.C. MacMan race.

Meals are included and Marinas are offering special rates to race participants.

The North Channel Race use the Canadian marine chart #'s;  2251, 2299, and 2207.

For more additional information do visit the Little Current Yacht Club, N.C.Y.C. website for;

  • Brochure.
  • Registration and meals.
  • Entry forms.
  • Notice of race.
  • List of entries.

All boats entering the North Channel Race Week must have a Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) Rating. You may apply for your rating at

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