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Algoma Sailing Club, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Club.
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How do I become a Member? Membership Forms Algoma Sailing Clubs Memberships are open to all ages and consists of Senior Members (full) and Associate Members (limited). To make it more easy and quicker for you our membership application forms are online and can be downloaded, printed, your information can be filled in with your check payment and then you can postal mail it back to us. Our Treasurer or Secretary will then contact you if there any problems.
How do I
contact the club?
Email: Contact Us Since there is no telephone answering machine at our summer clubhouse, it's easier to contact the Algoma Sailing Club by using the clubs email. As each year depending on the submitted membership applications our executive and members may slightly change.
Does the Club have any Free Tours: Email: Contact Us If you send us an email we can arrange at time to have an executive members meet you at the clubhouse to give you a personal tour and answer any questions. Your more than welcomed at any time to drop by and visit any of us at the Clubhouse. Enjoy your stay next door at Bellevue Park and at the Topsail Island causeway
Does the club have
Social Events?
Social Committee Our socials events are fun to attend and are a great way to create new friendships. The Social Committee announces and creates these types of events.
Can I just
Day Sail?
Dinghies / Canoes If you wish just to occasional day sail with your boat or canoe and to use the sailing club as a launching point an associate members is ideal, complete with a key for the outside north washroom.
Does the club
have any
Sailing Lessons?
Email: Contact Us Some members of the club are in the process of obtaining certification to be able to teach sailing lessons but until then the club has arranged for some sailing schools to come and visit for a week or two. If you are interested please send us an email and request to be placed on our Sailing Lessons waiting list so we can contact you when available.
Who do I contact in an Emergency? Phone: Contact Us For any or all emergencies do contact any executive member by telephone who will then invoke the emergency phone call list.
Can I Launch my  Sailboat at the club? Boat Launch The club does have a small shallow water boat launch beside the middle dock for its members use.
What if I have any Personal Questions? Email: Contact Us We want to hear from you so feel free to send to the club an email with your detailed questions and our Commodore (president) will personally contact and answer your questions.
How does the club Contact Me? List & Server: Email The Algoma Sailing Club contacts its members via telephone and email. The Club has an Automated Email-list Server that you can subscribe to and some executive members maintain their own email lists.
Where is the clubs Information? Website
To keep everyone better informed about the Algoma Sailing Club is through the use of our website.
Is there a
Crane at the Club?
Membership Forms Twice a year our Rented Crane Services provides Spring Haul-In and Fall Haul-Out services to make boat launching fast and easy. For fees and requirements download our memberships forms.
How do I know
What is New
News Bulletins Reading our news bulletins posted on our website are a great way to catch up and to find out what is happening with the club and down at our clubhouse.
Does the club
have any Rules?
Contact Us
As within any organization guidelines are created and updated to reflect the services offered and for the members safety. The Algoma Sailing Club Constitution is reviewed yearly at its annual generalship or special meetings whereas the A.S.C. Bi-Laws are reviewed monthly at the Executive meetings. Members will receive a electronic copy of both documents and there are printed copies on display within the clubhouse.
Can I purchase an Algoma Sailing Club Pennant Flag? Treasurer:
Contact Us
Club Pennant flags can be purchased from the club to be displayed on your boat.
Can I
Buy and Sell?
 Buy/Sell/Used If the general public and members have any sailboats or any sailing items for sale, we will post them for a duration of one year in our Buy/Sell/Used section for free on our website to help promote sailing within our local area.
Where are the
Photos and Movies
Photos-Albums To see how much fun the club and members are having you can view the pictures and movies of such in  members photos-albums section of the website. You can send or upload yours to the club's webmaster.
What Events and Races does the club have? Event/Race Calendar All of the Clubs events, socials, and races are all listed on the club's Events Calendar which can be viewed downloaded and printed.
Where are the
Short Races
River Races The short race courses are held on the International St Mary's River, and the River Race Series consists of a total of 20 races divided into three Series; Spring, Summer, and Fall, with each having their own point system and trophies awarded. The variations of wind plus river currents creates or makes each race challenging.
Where are the
Long Races
Event/Race Calendar The longer race course are held sailing down and back info the lower St Mary's River (U.S.A.) Lake Nicolett (Hays Lake) and also sailing through (U.S.A. waters) down and back to St Joseph Island (Canadian).
Where are the Racing Scores shown. River Races The racing scores are displayed on the website once the data is verified by the Fleet Captain either manually compiled or obtained from the computer.
Do you have any Cruiser Races? Event/Race Calendar For even more fun, some of our long distance cruiser races involve weekends with an overnight stays at either a local marinas or anchor or rafting up in secluded bays.
Do you have any Racing Maps? River Races Course If your looking for a basic St Mary's River Race course map there is printable one located in the River Race section that lists some of turning buoys used on the course.
What do the
 Race Trophies
look like?
Our Trophy Case As you enter the clubhouse you can see all of our Race Trophies showcased in our Trophy Case. To make it easier for you to read all the trophies winners names and years, the trophies have been photographed and documented on our website site.
Did the Club ever Built Sailboats? Club History In the early years many members built their own wooden and fibreglass sailboats, and there were different classes of boats made. You can watch or read a documented club video online to discover the Algoma Sailing Clubs History of boat making.
Where do I
Put my Sailboat?
Mooring Assignments Our boat anchorages moorings are divided into two areas; the inside natural sheltered harbour which is ideal for smaller shallower boat sizes and the outside river moorings with limited protection from (westerly winds) for the largest of boats. Members require the use of personal dinghies to row out to their moored boats.
Does the club offer Winter or Summer Storage? Membership Forms On site winter storage for boats on cradles and boats on trailers is available. Optionally cradles and trailers can be summer stored offsite in the locked compound up at Sault Search and Rescue., costs amounts for such can be found on the membership forms.
Sailing History
is around the Soo?
Sailing History For those who are history buffs and into Sailing Histories of past years, our fleet Captain did some online research to help provide you with some insight. Did you know that sailing here started back in the 1700's at a local wooden shipbuilding yard?
What VHF Radio Channels
do you use?
Marine VHF Clubhouse members mainly use the emergency channel 16 or the marina's channel 68. Each country (Canada, USA) has their own channel designations hence see our list of channels.
What other
Sailing Races or Organizations
is the club involved with.
Ontario Sailing

Canadian Yachting Association

 Shells & Sails

Trans Superior
The Algoma Sailing Club is members of the; Ontario Sailing Association, Canadian Yachting Association and the Shells and Sails Association.

The Algoma Sailing Club partners with the Duluth Yacht Club to help with local organization of the Trans-Superior Sailing Race.

Many of our members take part with the Macman Sailing Race and the Hilton Beach Sailing Races.

Do you sail in
USA waters?
Customs USA/CA Yes, the St Mary's River is has both USA and Canadian Waters and is considered international. Each country has their own set of rules (customs, immigrations, boat safety) that all need to be adhered and followed to, before one goes out sailing.
How Deep is the Water at the dock? Water Levels Usually between 6-8 feet, but water levels can fluctuate from year to year depending on variables such as; dam flow release, snowmelt, rainfall, and evaporation.
What speeds are the Winds? Beaufort Wind Scale The winds can vary greatly on the river due to the narrowing of the river shoreline in sections plus the direction of the wind that can allow for more time to build up over longer open areas. The Beaufort Wind Scale can give indications what to look for in speeds (km and knots).
What is the Weather? Weather Various weather reports that cover our area.
Where can I find any Marine Charts Marine Charts Paper copies can be purchased from venders online or at the local marinas. USA charts are free to download but Canadian require purchasing . Online chart viewers are available.

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