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Algoma Sailing Club: A Visual History Video

The Algoma Sailing Club started back in the 1960's with 10 persons that locally built their own boats in their homes and on a common jig. This movie displays a slide show complete with audio of the construction of the Dinghies, Y-Flyers, Sabots, and Lasers. It also shows the boats owner's and club members who raced them at the time. It's also interesting to see the old Floating Clubhouse from that time. If you want to just read the movie dialogue, it is show below.

Author: Faye Smedley, friends and club members.
Size:59 MB, in Windows Media Format, Club History, Part 1

Algoma Sailing Club: Trophy Case

In our Club House is a "Trophy Case" full of special awards and trophies that have and are being presented to our members. Do take a few moments after watching the video visit our trophy case to learn more about the Algoma Sailing Club's rich history of sailing, events, and our members.

Algoma Sailing Club: Trillium Project

If you go to our Trilium Project webpage you can read about how the Algoma Sailing Club was successful in receiving a significant grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, for improvements and renovations to our club facilities.


Algoma Sailing Club: A Visual History Video Dialogue:

Part One: Dinghies:
Sailboat Include: Y-Flyers 1964-1965, Sabots, Lasers
Narrated by: Faye Smedley
Photographers: Gordon Smedley, Bill Adolph
Assistant: Katherine Adolph
File size: 53 megs windows media player
Time: 9 minutes, 43 seconds

Welcome to Part One of the Algoma Sailing Club’s History.

Part one, deals with the building and use of Dinghies.

These dinghies included Y-Flyers which were first on the scene then Sabots, which were built by club members for the club’s junior sailing program. Next came the Lasers, as the graduates of the junior sailing program wanted a more exciting boat.

The first few slides of this show will outline how the Algoma Sailing Club was started and how the Y-Flyer came to be the first boat for the club.

You will see a list of founding members; Bill Adolph, Bob Black, Bill Duncan, Matt Gilibota, Owen Hine, John Morley, Gordon Smedley, Clifford Sweet, Ken West, Harry Grahan, and a list of members who joined later; Ole Homan, Gordon Simpson, Bob Wansbrough, Mark Wood.

How did these groups of men meet? Gordon Smedley, Ken West, and Bill Adolph, put an ad in the Sault Star Newspaper inviting interested individuals to meet and discuss, building one design dinghies. A large number attended the meeting in Ken West’s basement and decided to begin research of a suitable dinghy that could be home built and would provide good competition.

The Y-Flyer was selected and eventually the initial group constructed 10. The Y-Flyers were built in a warehouse on Bay Street where the Roberta Bondar Place is now located. How were these boats built? Well, individual members prefabricated the boat parts at home and then assembled them, taking turns on a common jig.

You will see a few pictures depicting this process; you will also see one of the first Y-flyer of the ten completed by Bill Adolph and one nearly completed by Gordon Smedley.

Building these boats began in the summer of 1964 and were completed in the spring of 1965 just in time to begin racing at Haviland Bay.

Just sit back and enjoy the pictures with sound of the Y-Flyers, Sabots, and Lasers.

Pictures include: Haviland Days Racing,

Publicity stories (photos): Sault Daily Star Newspaper;
- Hope’s Scope by Marty Hope, Sailing becomes popular in Sault, Wed. Sept. 20, 1972, Vol. 61 #157, third section.
- Hazards develop in Race
- Packed and ready to go, page 10, Sat June 29, 1968
- Striving to remain upright
- Y Flyer Going under Full Sail
- Young boys given tow after capsize.

Past and Present Clubhouses: (Photos)
- In the beginning the Algoma Sailing Club was the Shores of Haviland Bay with no building.
- Algoma Sailing Club’s first Club House was a floating clubhouse at Bellevue Park which sailors enjoyed.
- Then the Algoma Sailing Club’s built a second and Permanente Club House at Bellevue Park were it stands today.

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