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St. Mary's River,  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

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Sailing Lessons.

Sailing is fun and exciting and can utilize many different types, sizes, and weights of sailboats, with each being designed for its role. From shallow water day sailing, to racing, or cruzing and even living aboard in deeper waters.

If your new to sailing then its highly recommended for you and your family to take some lessons on  how to sail for the safety aspect. Joining a local sailing club is a great idea that will help provide many resources, information, and support. Additionally purchasing many sailing instruction books and visiting online sailing websites are also helpful that can help pass the wintertime and prepare you for the sailing season. If there are no sailing courses or instructors in your area, then spend a season or two by teaming up with local sailors that can introduce you to some of the basic concepts.

Large sailing clubs have the funding and staff to provide summer sailing courses that utilize their own fleet of instruction boats. Whereas the Algoma Sailing Club being volunteer based with members boats, uses an Associate member program that introduces the concept of sailing by welcoming pre-approved guests aboard whenever club members sail.

If you are interested in taking sailing lessons then please let us know so we can place you on our lessons list. As when enough persons are on the list then the club can arrange for booking the BOOM mobile sailing school that would travel here with their instructors and boats. Note: Some of these sailing schools need to be booked one or two years in advance, hence our use of the lesson list.  Also please include which level of sailing that you currently have and or are interested in (Beginner, Basic, Average, or Advance).
Email: Place me on the Sailing Lessons list

There are many different sailing programs, certifications, and skill levels, that you can obtain from sailing instruction schools and their courses may vary. Using the internet more details can be obtained.

As an example for beginners, the Canadian Yachting Association has a checklist upon completion of each course or sailing skill level before proceeding onto the next, with each level taking more time to perform. The following files (printable pdf format) is an example from 2002/2003 is to show what one can expect to lean and to perform.

Sailing Courses are offered by;:

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