Algoma Sailing Club
St. Mary's River,  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

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Sailing Clubs and Organizations

Racing (Ontario & Michigan)


Marina's Close to Us (Algoma Sailing Club).

City / Town

Ontario Marina /  Yacht Club

Phone Number



Sault Ste Marie Roberta Bondar Transient Marina, 705-759-5430, 705-759-5310 68 38 slips
Bellevue Marina, Pine Street 705-759-2838, 705-759-5310 68 174 slips
St. Joseph Island Richards Landing Municipal Marina 705-246-0254   70 slips
Clarks Cove Marina, Richards Landing 705-246-2381    
St. Joseph Island Boatel 705-246-2628    
Whiskey Bay Resort & Marina 705-246-2463    

Hilton Beach Marina

705-246-2291 68 175 slips
Desbrats Holders Marine 705-782-6251    
Bruce Mines Bruce Mines Marina 705-785-3493, 705-785-3201   35 slips
Thessalon Thessalon Marina 705-842-5188, 705-842-2217 68 40 slips
Blind River Blind River Marina 705-356-7026 68 110 slips, 12 ton lift
Spragge North Channel Yacht Club, Serpent Harbour 705-849-2381    
Spanish Spanish Municipal Marina 705-844-1077   120 slips
Vances' Marina & Campground 705-844-2442 68 60 slips, 40 ton lift
Manitoulin Island Spider Bay Marina, Little Current 705-368-3148 68 130 slips
Gore Bay Marina, Gore Bay 705-282-2906 68  
Port of Little Current 705-368-1725 68 120 slips
Boyle Marine 705-368-2239 68 30 ton lift, 70 slips

City / Town

Michigan Marina /  Yacht Club

Phone Number



Sault Ste Marie Charles T. Harvey 906-635-5341 9 31 slips
George Kemp Marina 906-635-7670 9 60 slips
Drummond Island Yacht Haven 906-493-5232 16 40 & 70 Ton Lifts
Fort Drummond Marine, Whitney Bay 906-493-5359    
Nates's Marina 906-493-5352    
DeTour State Dock 906-297-5947  16 88 slips
Passage Boatworks 906-297-6888   25 ton lift

Coast Guards

Identify Large Ships and Lighthouses


  • TopoZone, Topographic USA Maps of Land and Water. The online free demo maps are a bit older in date but good for area like St Mary's River, Detour Passage or Drummond Island.
  • Fishweb, Michigan Interactive with maps and photos of the detour passage, and drummond Island. 
  • Google Maps, with road maps, satellite images, and hybrid maps (satellite images with roads). You can even see all the sailboats on the Algoma Sailing Club property when you zoom into Sault Ste Marie. (Click on the center of all the Great Lakes where Superior, Michigan, Huron all meet).

Sailing Books & Magazines

Stores: Sailing and Boating

Water Levels On The Great Lakes

Learn To Sail

Learn to Tie Knots
  • Animated Knots, Shows you how to tie your lines full of knots, fully animated.
  • Net Knots, More knots that you can use.

For Sale Locally: Sail Boats and Accessories 


Our Local: Webcams and Some Others

Our Local: News Media Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Our Local: City of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Our Local: Twin City of Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

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