Algoma Sailing Club
St. Mary's River,  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

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The Algoma Sailing Club operates on funding raised within its membership and hence the club encourages you the general public to join to help keep our costs lower and to also learn and discover the fun of sailing. Our Social Club Events, and Races, all help to create new friendships and add a bit excitement to the fun of Sailing.

Memberships are open to different types of watercrafts such as; Sailboats and Paddle Crafts (Dingy, Kayak, Canoe, and Stand Up Boards). With two types of memberships (Full-Senior or Limited-Associate) discussed below and are pro-rated in case you join later in the year. 

Membership renewals are due on May 1st of each year, but most members usually bring payments with them at the Crane Launch time. Within the Clubhouse is a public viewing binder that contains the current copy of the A.S.C. Constitution, and A.S.C. Bi-Laws, if you wish read beforehand otherwise members can receive/request their own copies from the Club Secretary.

Online Membership Forms.

Its faster to send us all your information electronically and you can print out a copy when done for yourself, (for printable blank form just go to the last page and press print). In doing so your information will be forwarded to the appropriate persons; the Executive for review, Secretary for contact/membership info, Fleet Captain for boat info, Treasurer to for payments, then the club will contact you about your membership and hence payments can be accepted. (If any Problems encountered with the online forms, email us or contact Norm Rippon).

If you are interested in joining and require more information do contact us, so we can meet with you personally at our Clubhouse to answers your questions and provide you with tour. 

Senior Membership:  

  • Voting Rights
  • Full access (keys) to the Clubhouse.
  • Full access to the Boat Launch and Docks
  • Mooring Buoy (if needed, fees determined by footage)
  • Summer Cradle Storage area (if needed set fee)
  • Crane Services for Spring Launch and Fall Haul-Out (if needed fees determined by footage)
  • Winter Storage, (if needed fees determined by footage).
  • Summer Storage, (executive approval required, if needed fees determined by footage)
  • Social Events
  • Initiation/Mooring Buoy fee (set fee one time only).
  • Copy of the A.S.C. Constitution, and the A.S.C. Bi-Laws.

Associate Memberships:  

  • Provides limited use of the Clubhouse (key for outside north washroom).
  • Introduction to sailing by being invited onboard by owners of their sailboats to participate in sailings and river races.
  • Crew List: be on a stand-by list for sailboats that need crew.
  • Access to the Boat Launch and Docks
  • Copy of the A.S.C. Constitution, and the A.S.C. Bi-Laws.
  • Social Events


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