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Trans Superior Races

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The Trans-Superior race was thought out between Duluth Sailor Jack Soetebier and DR. John Pierpont, from White Pine, Michigan. The two men set up the race more as a challenge to themselves as well as other Lake Superior sailors. The race is a 338 nautical Mile race from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to Duluth, MN. It is held every odd year and is sponsored by the Lake Superior Yachting Association in conjunction with the Duluth Yacht Club and the Algoma Sailing Club in Sault Ste. Marie.

The next Trans Superior Race is being held on Saturday August 1, 2015 with sailboat competing in the race arriving a few days before. The Trans Superior Race is consists various divisions such as; crusing, double handed, and solo. The Great Lakes Singlehanded Society sails within this race.

Competing boats in the race carry a transponder (Yellow Brick Satellite GPS units) that transmit the boats GPS position every 30 minutes allowing the public to monitor the progress of the fleet and of each team online Trans Superior Tracking.

The Trans Superior Race Committee's organization of the Trans Superior Race involves; race entries, crew lists and crews wanted, hotel reservations, bus transportation, CAN/USA customs, docking, locking, and some meals eg: Banquet (Duluth), and Barbeque (Sault) . The Trans Superior Race is looking for volunteers and sponsors, hence if you are interested in helping out then contact us.

Trans Superior Race has swag or clothing for sale in various in styles and colours each year and can be purchased at;

  • The start of the race in Sault Ste Marie, Roberta Bondar Transient Marina Office, via the Algoma Sailing Club members booth. Any unsold items after the race are moved to the ASC Clubhouse and available to purchase on our For-Sale section. Items from past years in new condition are still available.
  • The end of the race, website pre-purchases, pickup from the Duluth Clubhouse.

Race entries and documents are available from the Trans Superior Website.

For more information: Contact the Algoma Sailing Club, (Jeff Johnston, ASC representative) or the Duluth Yacht Club.

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