Algoma Sailing Club
St. Mary's River,  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

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Trillium Project 2013

In 2013 the Algoma Sailing Club applied for and received an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant to ensure a safer sailing facility by replacing aged exterior decking, railings and dingy docks and by completing a survey of underwater navigation hazards in the vicinity of the club. Funding will also provide a learn-to-sail program for children and adults in 2013 in Sault Ste. Marie and area.

The volunteer members of the Algoma Sailing Club are very thankful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation Organization for the grant funding that allows the Algoma Sailing Club to maintain its facility in a safe environment for our members and the for public.

2014 Progress: Two dingy docks had the old flotation removed and replaced with new. The south lower exterior of the building has been replaced to correct water leakage damage. The clubhouse decking was removed, new support anchors were installed, and the north support wall and decking will be replaced early this summer. A survey of underwater navigation hazards was performed this winter via an engineering service that drilled at mapped locations down through the ice into the river bottom. The Boom Mobile Sailing School is teaching lesson in August.

Front Deck

New Docks

Inside Renos

Inside Renos

Trillium Project  2003

In October, 2003, The Algoma Sailing Club was successful in receiving a significant grant from the
Ontario Trillium Foundation, for improvements and renovations to the club facilities. 

Since then club members have been working hard to realize the intended upgrades. Some forty individuals have provided over 1100 man hours of volunteer labour over the past summer. The results show! Our club is looking just great, with new docks, well maintained moorings, crushed stone yard fill material, breakwall stabilization, walkway and flower bed, refurbished clubhouse upper deck and windows.

We have also added improved access to one of the main floor washrooms for physically challenged persons. We also now have exterior power outlets,exterior gasoline storage and new shingles on the roof.

The interior has a repaired ceiling, new carpeting and flooring, new washroom facilities, re-stained wood work, painted doors, much improved lighting, new countertop, extra chairs, and a new shower stall. In short, the place is ‘better than new’ and with normal maintenance, will be an attractive venue for years to come.

The executive and members of The Algoma Sailing Club wish to express their appreciation to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for the receipt of the grant monies that made all this possible. Club members invite present and prospective sailors to join us to experience good sailing and
establish great friendships.

Front Deck New Walkway and Foliage New Washroom (Click on a picture to enlarge.)

Ontario Trillium Foundation
The Ontario Trillium Foundation


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